Workstations on Wheels (WoWS)

This tender is to evaluate and procure Workstation on Wheels (WoW’s) to be utilised at most Western Health hospital sites, primarily to enable the new clinical process flows related to the implementation of the Cerner Electronic Medical Record across Western Health. Western Health is only seeking capital based financial options, not leasing, for approximately 250-300 WoW’s. For tender purposes, pricing should be based upon 250 units, broken up into: 180 Type 1 WoW’s 70 Type 2 WoW’s Western Health is seeking a complete service delivery model inclusive of an extended warranty covering a 5 year period, with a regular maintenance service of the WoW’s and an program to manage the WoW batteries over a 5 year period. Only WoW and battery maintenance costs for year 1 should be included in the capital cost, and years 2-5 itemised separately. Computing hardware should be costed year 1 with the full warranty offered. Western Health will supply all software licencing except the base Windows 7/10 Professional licence for each unit supplied.

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