Works Management System

Wannon Water wants to develop solutions based on business requirements for field work force management. Who: Field employees / contractors and others working in the business supporting work force management. Where: (1) Task-dependent locations, predominantly customer premises, network assets and installations, and treatment facilities. Workers may not visit the depot regularly or at all, hence there is a requirement to consider ‘online’ and offline’ connectivity. (2) Employee, contractor and Wannon Water office / depot locations. A large portion of Wannon Water’s geographical area is serviced by 3G network communications. There are some isolated areas of poor or non-existent mobile coverage. When: Task deadlines, priorities and order can change in response to external events. Real-time task status information can have tangible customer service and efficiency benefits. How: Processes cross from office to field and/or field to office. What: To field worker: Task specification, supporting data. From field worker: Task status, notes, and forms with supporting data. Why: Improved field work force efficiency, data quality and customer service. Within this scope, there are many existing and potential uses of field force management applications, each with a unique combination of requirements. The functions to which this expression of interest applies are itemised below: • Reactive work; • Planned work; • Corrective work; • Project work; • Notifications and workflows e.g. permits to work; • Performance monitoring; • Timesheets and fatigue management; and • Contractor engagement.

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