Web Estate – User Research – Content Strategy

DWRP seeks User Research, Information Architecture (IA) and Content Strategy skills from an agency that has extensive experience in user research, content strategy, development of information architecture (IA) strategies and implementation plans for large government agencies and websites. Defence requires professional assistance, using a phased approach, to: a. Define a user research methodology and strategy so Defence can better understand • user and behaviours across the Defence internet Web Estate (DIWE) • our stakeholders , audiences and how they navigate the DIWE • the content, topics, sites, services and types of information across the DIWE b. Undertake user research outlined in strategy • Develop an IA Plan and Content Strategy, based on the user research and data analysis for the defence.gov.au c. Develop a suggested IA based on analysis of data and finding from user research d. Test the suggested IA on users.

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