UX and UI Design

We require consumer driven UX and UI design work to be undertaken on the energy plan comparator website. This work is being done in response to an update to the AER’s Retail Pricing Information Guidelines (Guidelines) requiring changes to the energy plan search results table and the reform of how individual plan details are presented. You will be required to understand and create the flow of the energy plan search workflow from wire framing, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design, prototyping, through to user testing and the end design. We propose the following phased approach and timelines for this project: Phase 1. Understand and create the UX and UI design of the energy plan search workflow from when the consumer enters their postcode to the results and comparison table. The purpose of the Energy Made Easy energy plan search workflow is to help the consumer identify if they can save money on energy and whether they are paying too much. –Key problem to solve– Energy plans are complex. A plan may have multiple features such as discounts, credits, fees and charges that will affect an energy bill. A challenge of this work will be determining which features consumers need to access to make a decision on their “best” plan plan (taking into account requirements under the Guidelines), prioritising these in the search workflow and giving them stronger visual priority in the results table. An additional challenge is optimising this workflow for mobile devices. This work will address the following search stages: 1. Data input stage Consumer enters their details e.g. postcode, energy requirements. 2. Results stage Consumer sorts, filters and compares plans – identifies “best” plan. 3. Take action stage Consumer drills down on the plan detail and approaches “new” or “current” retailer for a better deal or to switch.

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