UQ Core Network Refresh

The University of Queensland (UQ) is calling for expressions of interest in relation to a Core Network Refresh project. UQ has a large and complex networking environment that is in need of a refresh and upgrade. UQ is wishing to engage with a supplier that will aid in the planning, design and construction of a new infrastructure that will become a launch pad for many new services and capability. The UQ network environment contains approximately 2000 switch stacks operating in a traditional Core-Distribution-Aggregation-Access model. The UQ Community is spread over approximately 50 sites with link speeds varying from NBN speeds to 10Gb Ethernet. This is necessary to upgrade this network solution to meet the needs of the UQ Community into the 2020’s.This is not a like-for-like replacement, the primary objective is to enhance the UQ Community experience while also providing a solid platform for future business capability. UQ is currently seeking expressions of interest to assist UQ to understand the capability of the market to meet our objectives and requirements, to identify potential suppliers in the market and to inform an internal business case.

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