Trends NSW Data Visualisation

Trends NSW will consist of 3 key product elements: 1. Single Common Data Visualisation Product / Service * Ability for NSW government agencies to securely create charts, graphs, diagrams, and dashboards using the datasets accessible via API, database and Flat files. Agencies can save, share or publish content with authorised users, including across agencies. * Ability for members of the public to create charts, graphs, diagrams, and dashboards using open publicly available datasets accessible via API from the dMarketplace. These visualisations can then be saved back to a public catalogue of visualisations to be discovered by other public users. 2. Visualisation Toolkit – Ability to retrieve via API or Database, image or PDF version of NSW Government charts and dashboards, and display it in the Single Common Data Visualisation Product. Ability to save, print, share and embed needs to apply to image and PDF version of charts and dashboards. 3. My Trends Dashboard – User can save visualisations from 1 and 2 above to the user’s ‘Favourites’ page. Each visualisation appears as a tile / widget / thumbnail in the user’s ‘Favourites’ page which can be moved around and resized within the page. With a collection of tiles or widgets, the ‘Favourites’ page will effectively act as a custom dashboard for the user.

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