TAC Road Safety Education Complex – Development of Digital Experiences

The Transport Accident Commission (TAC), in partnership with Museums Victoria (MV), is developing an interactive Road Safety Education Complex (RSEC) within the Melbourne Museum. The TAC and MV will work together to create a world-first exhibition that: • Engages students (Years 9 – 11) in understanding road safety topics. • Encourages and equips them to be safer road users. • Explains and explores how as a community we can work together to achieve zero road deaths. • Motivates and empowers students, key road safety stakeholders and the Victorian community to do more to reduce road trauma. Exhibition experiences will combine hands-on exploration, discovery and interaction, and will utilise the most appropriate immersive experiences and technologies to achieve this vision. TAC is seeking to engage one or more providers to develop and design high quality and innovative interactive and digital content for all components of the RSEC.

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