Supplier Licence and Insurance Verification Portal

The Councils listed in this tender are seeking a system to maintain and verify supplier licences and certificates as well as key supplier documents and information. In June 2017 iProLive Supplier Verification system went into voluntary liquidation. iProLive Verification system was an online platform used by a number of Victorian Councils to maintain supplier documents and verify key certificates; such as insurance and builder’s licences. It also allowed Council officers to undertake and maintain a register of performance and OHS audits. The system also included a supplier induction module. iPro allowed each Council to develop a list of key supplier documents and questions a supplier needed to complete for key categories, such as building and construction major, drainage maintenance and security services to name a few. iPro also verified the validity of supplier documents, such as builder’s licences, currency of certificates, JAZANZ OHS, quality and environmental certificates.

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