Strategic Water Information Monitoring System (SWIMS)

This Invitation to Supply (ITS) is to provide a system to: Replace ageing ICT applications used to record and publish water monitoring data related to surface water and groundwater resources. Provide reliable and timely surface water monitoring data to the State Emergency Services (SES) flood warning system. Develop new business processes that will improve business efficiencies related to the work of collecting, storing and publishing data describing water resources. Replace old applications and infrastructure associated with the current Water Monitoring applications framework and provide a seamless transition. The project entails building a new system capable of meeting our needs into the future then maintaining this system for up to nine years. This procurement comprises an initial contract of three years with two optional extension terms, each of three years. It is DEWNR’s preference to contract with a single supplier (or prime contractor, in the case of a consortium) and therefore respondents must submit a response for the entirety of the requirements

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