Strategic Pricing Methodology

ENZ is seeking proposals from suitably qualified consultants to assist in the development of a strategic pricing methodology for New Zealand international education. The scope of the work to be undertaken should include New Zealand Tertiary Education Institutions (TEIs) (including Universities and ITPs) and Schools (primary and secondary). Different approaches may be required for both. Specifically, the work should cover identification of those programmes / qualifications and education offerings where New Zealand international education providers should be able to charge a premium price relative to key competitor countries based on: Where there is an excess of demand over supply on a global basis; Global perceptions of New Zealand having world class capability in high value industries / segments (e.g. Creative Industries, Renewable Energy, Agriculture etc.) Demonstrable global excellence in an education field or sub domain as evidenced by global rankings Perceived value of educational outcomes (e.g. employability, average earnings, ability to gain entry into prestigious institutions etc.) Perceived value of a New Zealand education and a New Zealand education experience relative to key competitor countries. The work should also identify the strategic pricing approach(s) that would be most suitable for use in the New Zealand international education context, and its likely impact on student volume and future industry value if it were to be adopted.

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