Strategic Partner – New Zealand Social Enterprise Market Development

This procurement is for an external partner to act as an intermediary body between government and social enterprises to develop the social enterprise market in New Zealand. The procurement and eventual contract is being administered by The Department of Internal Affairs (the Department). The Department is seeking Registrations of Interest (ROI) from suitably qualified and experienced suppliers that can develop and deliver a Social Enterprise Market Development Programme. The objective of this ROI is to identify a short list of suppliers who will be invited to participate in a closed Request for Proposals (RFP) process. The Successful Respondent to the RFP will need to co-design a programme of activities with government agencies, then manage that programme to grow social enterprise with a focus on the following areas: – providing tailored business development services; – growing access to investment; and – fostering social enterprise networks. Through this programme the partner will target the capability and financial needs of individual social enterprises, as well as supporting networks between social enterprises, with strong links to public, private and philanthropics investors, and overseas experts. As a result, we will expect to see: – better data on social enterprises; – increased numbers of social enterprise start-ups, including those targeting economically disadvantaged areas and populations; – more social enterprises scaling-up productivity and expanding operations; – more social enterprises increasing their incomes and attracting investment; and, – increased social and environmental impact from social enterprises.

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