Storage and Compute (S and C)

On behalf of SWARH, Barwon Health is seeking responses to this Request for Proposal (RFP) for the provision of Storage and Compute. With the growth of ICT services, it is required for Barwon Health as an organisation to keep pace with the required demands for storage and compute while being proactive in the provisioning of quality ICT services. Barwon Health has identified the following challenges which require remediation: Windows XP thick clients Aging Cisco Unified Computing Server (UCS) compute infrastructure Extensive support requirements for storage silos Storage space challenges (retention) for historical database backup Limited ability to provision future projects SQL database sprawl SQL licensing Lack of compression and deduplication technologies For the purpose of addressing the current issues facing Barwon Health, as well as facilitating anticipated growth for storage and compute it is required to deploy a solution by end of 2017/2018 financial year that accommodates sufficient Storage and Compute Capacity for Business As Usual activity (BAU). This will include moving Barwon Health from the current UCS and three tier storage architecture to a hyper converged infrastructure (HCI) that virtualises the computing (a Hypervisor), a virtualised SAN (software-defined storage) and virtualised networking (Software-defined networking). It is anticipated that the capacity provided by the new HCI platform will enable the build and migration of the Virtualised Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Microsoft SQL Cluster/Farms, which will enable Barwon Health to operate in a fully supported and scalable environment. To achieve this outcome the RFP will be split into three sections where respondents can address all 3 sections of the requirements or any combination: Section A – Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) Section B – Virtualised Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Section C – Microsoft SQL Cluster and Farm.

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