Solution to Deliver Interoperability and Integration Across Queensland’s Public Safety Communications Service

The Public Safety Communications Program (PSCP), on behalf of the PSBA, is undertaking a project to deliver interoperability and integration across Queensland’s PSC service used by Queensland’s PSAs. The PSAs recognise that changing community expectation and demand, together with technological innovation, will require adjustments to the current public safety operating models. As a result, the PSAs have developed a strategic intent to transform the PSC service. The question that the PSAs are seeking a solution for is: “How do three public safety agencies operating under different business models create an environment of interoperability for managing requests for assistance that meets the needs now and into the future?” The PSAs are reviewing their end-to-end service chain for PSC that may extend the boundaries into areas such as preparedness, prevention, response and recovery, including resource coordination of the ‘front line’ officers.

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