Social Media Management Solution

Social media is a significant digital channel for Council that is increasingly used for customer contact enquiries / service requests, crisis communication and within integrated marketing communication campaigns. Council requires a social media management solution to support the following business processes: • Social media listening • Social media publishing • Social media engagement • Social media analytics Council currently uses a social media management solution, via Software as a Service (SaaS), to closely monitor high volume platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) within an integrated view to ensure Council’s brand is managed effectively in what can be at times a high risk channel. This is an integral solution for Council’s Social Media team to manage Council’s brand and reputation. A review by Council of social media management solutions identified new and advantageous functionalities that were deemed to be able to assist Council in continuing to both meet and surpass customer expectations through this multifaceted channel. It is a mandatory requirement of this tender that the solution’s security capability must be considered to be acceptable within Council’s Corporate Risk Framework. This includes risks related to information confidentiality, information integrity, information/system non-availability, system use and ICT considerations. Shortlisted tenderers may be required to provide a demonstration of their solution and supporting evidence of security compliance claims as part of the evaluation process. Council is seeking to use this RFP to establish a Preferred Supplier Arrangement. Under this arrangement, Council will enter into a contract with the successful tenderer. The contract will be for an initial term of one year and include four optional additional periods of one year each up to a maximum term of five years.

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