Server Hardware Infrastructure

The Principal’s core server infrastructure is now 5 years old and due for replacement. The current infrastructure comprises of 2 HP servers with shared direct attached storage running VMWare ESXi with vCentre (2 x HP DL360 G7 Servers and HP P2000 Storage Array). LAN communications is delivered by a combination of Cisco SG range switches. 2 Cisco SG500X PoE 48 port switches were recently acquired as part of the 3CX IP Telephony project and will be retained and reconfigured as a stack. The existing infrastructure is backed up using Veeam Backup and Replication, with backups being written to a local NAS and offsite replication to the airport (nightly). Due to the Principal’s infrastructure being physically located in Newman, the majority of vendors do not offer on premise service for hardware failures. This being the case, a strategy of N+1 redundancy should be adopted wherever economically viable to allow sufficient time for spares to arrive.

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