Security Documentation

Adapt a Security documentation set to ASD ISM standards. The proposed solution is based on Microsoft AZURE with SQLserver and Appserver, Azure Active Directory and Office365. Up to 40 day assignment, immediate start. The proposed solution is based on Microsoft AZURE with SQLserver/Appserver, Azure Active Directory and Office365. The ASD certifications to Unclassified (DLM), including IRAP assessments are available for these core components. These certifications are to be leveraged for the documentation set. In addition, Finance runs a number of systems with complete documentation sets, which can be leveraged as required. Documentation Required 1.Security Policy (incorporating Business Rules provided by Finance) 2.Security Risk Management Plan 3.System Security Plan 4.Standard Operating Procedures 5.Incident Response Plan 6.Statement of Applicability for IRAP assessment envisaged. Finance uses the Agile Methodology (SCRUM), and sees the assignment as fitting in with the Agile implementation. Estimates envisaged are: 1.Develop Documentation Framework and advanced draft of each document – up to 20 days full time – January and February 2018. 2.Iterate and refine documents in step with Agile implementation – up to 20 days part time – February and June 2018. Finance expects the assigned staff to have familiarity with the approach and technology listed. CVs of nominated staff are to be included with the proposal. Pricing for a Time and Materials assignment to be stated.

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