Scott Base Redevelopment Project

The New Zealand Antarctic Institute, otherwise known as Antarctica New Zealand, has now begun a process of the redevelopment of Scott Base in Antarctica (the Project). At the end of the Project, Antarctica New Zealand wishes to have delivered a redeveloped Scott Base that: • Promotes safe, functional, operational and environmental excellence; • Complies with New Zealand legislation and standards insofar as possible; and • Ensures New Zealand’s ongoing presence and credibility in Antarctica through the provision of a base which permits and encourages the delivery of high-quality science REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS Under this Request for Proposal (RFP), Antarctica New Zealand are seeking experienced, pragmatic engineering and design consultants (from one or multiple companies) working as a united team who will ensure the safe and efficient redevelopment of Scott Base. These consultants must offer experience and relevant skills in disciplines including: 1. Architectural design, including cold climate (polar) engineering, and design where living and working in the same space is a key criteria; 2. Civil & Structural Engineering including site surveying, drainage design, permafrost engineering and cold climate engineering; 3. Building Services Design; 4. Quantity Surveying; This team will create a design that ensures a safe, healthy and functional base for the next forty years. Please Note that each service is being procured independently. You can submit a Proposal for one or more of the four services listed above, however these must be separate proposals in their own service discipline. Suppliers can note preferred partnerships in their proposal e.g. Structural & civil partnering with Architectural.

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