SAP Customer Data Cleanse – De Duplication

This RFP is being carried on SAP Ariba, not GETS. This is simply a notice to advertise the RFP. With the successful completion of the NewCore programme, Auckland Council is now delivering a range of services from a single consolidated SAP enabled solution. These include customer interactions, property management, licensing, financial management, rates, and consenting and property information services. As Council enables further digital engagement with its customers, a number of initiatives are being envisaged. Key to these initiatives is the underlying quality of customer data and the ability to have a single unique view of the customer across the transactions and interactions. Council is in the process of embarking on a project to enhance customer data quality within their SAP enabled solution. They key objective of this RFP is to select a supplier who will work with council representatives to identify and cleanse duplicate customer data within SAP along with the alignment of associated master and transaction data leveraging tools / products that already exist in the Council landscape. The project is expected to form the base for council as they embark on putting together a formal master data governance; which in turn will align with supporting the digital enablement roadmap for council’s customers and other initiatives. This RFP serves two purposes: 1.To select a supplier who will carry out the services required, and 2.To provide a costing input into the business case for the work programme. The awarding of this contract will be subject to the successful approval of the business case. Any timeframes for delivery will be subject to this timeline, and will be negotiated with the successful supplier upon approval of the business case.

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