SAP Business Planning and Consolidation for Reporting and Budget Purposes

Install, configure an implement a SAP BCP for management reporting and budget development and management. To develop an integrated internal reporting solution and budget management tool inside the AAT’s SAP system. AAT Budgeting process is taking double the time it should and requires additional staff making budgeting expensive Improve data quality through a central data repository More accurate budget and forecasts due to collaboration with budget holders from one platform Managers are unable to self service and access live data in order to handle their management reporting, budget development and monitoring and full year forecasting needs. The AAT currently uses SAP as its financial management system, but uses centrally created spread sheets accessing a Microsoft Access database for internal management reporting and budget creation. AAT wants an SAP based management reporting tool that allows managers to self service their reporting needs and allows live access to SAP data. AAT also wants an SAP based budget development tool to allow managers to develop and submit requests for their own budgets on a line by line or item by item basis, as well as simplify budget amendments throughout the year and allow managers to provide revised forecasts. Reporting and budget management must cover operating expenditure (profit and loss general ledger line items) and, ideally, capital items (Asset items and asset under construction general ledger accounts) and projects. Capital items and projects are tracked through the use of internal orders in SAP.

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