Safety, Health and Wellbeing System

New Zealand Fire Service and 38 Rural Fire Authorities will amalgamate on 1 July 2017 to form a new organisation, Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ). At present each entity has its own systems and processes for meeting their respective safety, health and wellbeing (SH&W) responsibilities, including a range of technology solutions and manual solutions for identifying and managing risk, recording, investigating SH&W injuries and events, reporting on performance indicators, managing contractor and worker engagement and other components of an effective SH&W Management System. Additionally, there are significant numbers of people who work in fire-related roles at Department of Conservation, Ministry of Defence and in approximately 1,000 Contractor roles. FENZ will also be responsible for the SH&W of people working in and around emergency incidents, regardless of whether they are employees, volunteers, members of the public or employees of other organisations. On Day One, it is essential that FENZ has the ability to at least record work-related injuries and illnesses, and to identify hazards and assess and manage risks. FENZ must also be able to manage follow-up investigations and meet regulatory and organisational performance reporting requirements. A range of business outcomes have been identified that FENZ will implement over time, although some of these outcomes may not be available on Day One. However, it was important to identify the end goal to ensure appropriate software is selected as the platform to support a comprehensive Safety, Health and Wellbeing Management System for FENZ.

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