Risk, Contract and Project Management System

The solution would need to generally align to ‘industry standards’ so as to not lock the Customer in with a proprietary methodology for any particular function, and requires: • risk management to include the identification of risks across each of its business functions, with risk ratings measured by considering likelihood vs consequence, assignment of risk controls, thresholds for risk acceptance, and the ability to include notes and attachments. • contract management to include ability to enter and categorise contracts of various types (fixed-term, annual subscriptions, contract variations etc.), tracking of contract budget vs expenditure, KPI tracking and reporting, recording key contractor/staff contacts, and document and correspondence storage and search. • project management to include planning by task, person or category; gantt charts; deadline reminders by email, tracking of project budget vs expenditure, and document and correspondence storage and search. To be considered, the Respondent must propose a solution that will support the Customer in at least two of these three core functions.

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