Review Legal Branch Business Processes and ICT

FWO’s Legal Branch are seeking business analyst experts with experience in legal systems to conduct a review of existing ICT arrangements and identify areas of improvement that could reduce administrative overhead. Among other things, FWO is responsible for the enforcement of workplace laws. There are a number of tools used to do this, but the most serious, litigation, are owned by Legal Branch. FWO relies heavily on ICT in the decision on which enforcement options are to be used, along with the implementation of the decision. FWO Legal are also responsible for providing advice to FWO’s other branches questions or matters that may or may not specifically relate to Australian workplace laws. This also has reliance on ICT to receive, process, and return the advice. Legal Branch are seeking the services of a vendor to • conduct a review of its ICT and business processes to identify areas of improvement that would reduce administrative overhead; and • deliver a report that provides pragmatic advice to FWO with options on how improvements may be made.

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