Research Picture Archiving and Communication Solution (PACs) or VNA

Project Scope – •To procure a single shared PACs or VNA imaging repository for University of Otago researchers (across the Dunedin, Christchurch and Wellington campuses), with fine-grained comprehensive security, and the ability to handle the modalities run by the University. •To design, install, configure and commission the new solution and enable data flows from a representative sample of the modalities run by the University in partnership with the successful vendor. •To obtain documentation outlining the final as-built state of the system. •To put in place adequate support for the solution and to understand the operate model and vendor escalation procedures. •To prove that the solution works end to end. •To facilitate the secure storage, archiving, reuse and retention of imaging data for staff and postgraduate students across the main University of Otago campuses. •To support hands-on training and teaching requirements for groups of post graduate health sciences students. •To define and store rich metadata describing all imaging data, that would in turn enable better data searching, reuse, analysis, and future research proposals. •To help support the work of the University ethics and research committees. •To enable better reporting on all imaging related research activity. •To ensure that imaging data is handled securely; and that all access is logged nad authenticated and authorised and linked to the University Identity Management System. •To enable better IT support for imaging related research – a Research PACs would become an IT research service offering, fully supported and maintained for the common good. •To ensure that all imaging metadata and data is highly available on all University campuses, such that critical research and teaching activities can reasonably continue in the event of a major disaster.

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