Regional Automated Vehicle Trials

Connected and automated vehicles are developing rapidly and appearing in the real world now. They hold the promise of a future where road fatalities become a thing of the past, our traffic flows smoothly and customers have access to seamless, affordable, flexible and personalised journeys. We believe these exciting technologies and services offer significant potential to help us address current and future mobility challenges, achieve more sustainable outcomes for society and improve services to customers. Transport for NSW is seeking to provide seed funding and partner with industry, researchers and local councils to develop and co-deliver a number of connected and automated vehicle trials across regional NSW. Trials will focus on customer mobility use cases and investigate the benefits and challenges involved in introducing emerging connected and automated vehicle technology to country NSW. Lessons we collectively learn from these trials will help us identify and implement new, creative and better ways to deliver transport to our customers. It will also help industry develop technology, products and services that can be deployed to deliver improved mobility for customers. Involvement in a trial, whether you’re a local start up, major technology provider, academic institution, local council or other interested party will provide opportunities to integrate your ideas with others to develop, test and deliver innovative transport technology directly to customers. TfNSW will work with participants who can contribute innovative systems and ideas in their own right or in partnership with others. TfNSW will hold an industry briefing session followed by regional collaboration events to link participants together to enable end-to-end projects to be developed. The RFEOI process is designed to allow creative ideas which can be further developed through interactive sessions providing an opportunity for respondents to discuss their emerging proposals with a panel of TfNSW stakeholders. Feedback will be provided in real-time to enable fast iterations and refinements. These presentation and feedback sessions will provide an opportunity to co-design trial and use case ideas with TfNSW and assist proponents in developing project proposals that deliver high quality and collaborative end-to-end trials. TfNSW will provide support navigating legislative and regulatory considerations in the development and delivery of trials. TfNSW will be looking to enable the best trials starting from the second half of 2018.

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