Provision of Social Media Training Services to the Department of Defence

The Department of Defence’s primary role is to defend Australia and its national interests. The department forms part of the Australian Defence Organisation (ADO) along with the Australian Defence Force (ADF). Defence has three primary functions; Enabling, Capability and Outputs and Defence Outputs. The 2011 Hudson Review of Social Media identified the need to develop Defence-wide training to provide authorised Defence personnel with the expertise/tools to understand the policy regarding using social media channels to enhance communication with the public. Social media policy contained within the Defence Communication Manual stipulates that content managers must undertake both face-to-face and on-line social media training. There are currently more than 100 Defence social media accounts, including almost all Navy ships having their own Facebook sites to engage the families and friends of the ship’s company. In the future, every Air Force squadron and Army regiment will likely have a social media account as well. Defence is seeking a qualified and experienced Service Provider to develop and deliver a face-to-face course for individuals undertaking any kind of role in Defence that has a social media aspect. The face-to-face course will cover the Defence environment, pitfalls of social media use, practical measures, the impact of social media, Defence’s social media policy, and examples of successful and unsuccessful social media use. The Service Provider will also be required to provide situational training for both social media users and Defence leaders.

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