Provision of an Event Collaboration Solution

There are numerous organisations, including Council, that carry out planned works within Brisbane, e.g. energy providers, telecommunication providers and utility providers. Each of these organisations may own/lease and/or operate assets that are located within areas of Brisbane such as the road corridor and park areas. Not only do these organisations carry out asset maintenance activities, but they also undertake large capital works including major upgrades and installation of new infrastructure. A large number of the assets are underground, making replacement or installation an expensive exercise. There are numerous stakeholders which may be impacted by these works and other events, such as normal road traffic consumers (including emergency services and police), transport organisations (e.g. bus, taxi and road haulage contractors), Queensland Rail (where rail crossings and rail bridges occur), Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (access to their road infrastructure), special events (such as Riverfire) and advertising signage contractors to name a few. There is an opportunity to improve forward planning, coordination, scheduling and delivery of work events between all stakeholders to: – Reduce the impact on Brisbane residents and other users from poorly planned work; – Improve the life of the assets; and – Reduce actual project costs. Work events need to be constantly monitored and optimised to take advantage of schedule changes, road and park closures, minimise road corridor excavation and ensure works are carried in the correct order e.g. installation of new underground assets before Brisbane City Council resurfaces the road. As the largest key stakeholder in the Brisbane area, Council will take the lead to source a vendor to build an internet-based solution that provides Council and external agencies the ability to view each agencies’ planned events in a single system. The solution objective is to facilitate collaboration between agencies to avoid conflicts, identify opportunities for cost reduction, and minimise impacts on Brisbane residents thus improving the reputation of all agencies. Potential collaborative partners, who are key stakeholders in the Brisbane area; – Queensland (Qld) Urban Utilities – Energy Queensland Limited – APA Gas – Telstra Corporation Limited. Brisbane City Council’s strategic direction is to transition from being a technology provider to a cloud service consumer. Council’s preference is Software as a Service (SaaS) for the provision of the solution. The successful tenderer will be required to negotiate specific subscription and support agreements directly with individual agencies wishing to use the solution; however a participating agency clause will be included in Council’s contract. Council is seeking to use this RFP to establish a Preferred Supplier Arrangement. Under this arrangement, Council will enter into a Contract with the successful Tenderer. The Contract will be for an Initial Term of three years but not exceeding a Maximum Term of five years. The details as to how such Contracts are to operate and any such extension is to be granted are contained in the attached Contract in Part 4 of this RFP.

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