Project Management Office as a Service (PMOaaS)

Airservices is seeking to engage an organisation (the Contractor) to undertake the finalisation of Improvement, and the ongoing management of the Information Management and Technology (IM&T) Project Management Office (PMO). This will require the Contractor to concurrently deliver two Phases of the engagement: 1. Continually improve upon the foundations implemented for the IM&T PMO to govern and support the IM&T Programs and Projects. The details of the IM&T Frameworks and the Airservices P3M Framework along with the tools Airservices uses to manage projects are detailed in this Statement of Requirement. 2. Ongoing delivery of the PMO Functions and Services as outlined in this Statement of Requirement, supporting and governing the delivery of IM&T programs and projects. The outcome of the PMOaaS acquisition process would be the formation of a new supplier agreement to provide Airservices with an up to date, sustainable and well supported environment for PMOaaS.

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