Professional Services for Business Requirements and Analysis – Fire Safety Application Replacement

The MFB: delivers fire and emergency management services drives systemic change to the built environment through reforms to building design, regulations and legislation invests in research develops prevention programs that improve community safety and build resilience. MFB also provides specialist operational support across Australia and the Asia Pacific region as required. There are 47 stations spread through five districts which are split into two main regions. Our structural arrangements are aligned to state government regional boundaries. This enables us to work cohesively with local, municipal, regional and state partners on planning, command, control and coordination of incidents under the State Emergency Management arrangements. It is also the platform for integrated emergency management planning at the local, municipal, regional and state level. Our regional model supports MFB’s role in the State Control Centre, with regional controllers from all agencies working together on emergencies in their areas of responsibility. The Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) is seeking the professional services of a vendor to determine the business requirements, conduct a market analysis and develop a business case for the replacement of it’s existing Building Inspection and Compliance Unit database and application.

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