Private Cloud Replacement

This project seeks to replace its current server and storage requirements. Including seeking information to ascertain what would be the most suitable solution to bring up to current state our data recovery backup system. The tender is to addresses future requirements of Council for a period of five (5) years, with the continued investment of virtualisation software (VMware). The tender incorporates the supply, installation and configuration of new hardware at the primary site and the provision of a disaster recovery solution which may involve the installation of additional hardware at our secondary site. Council’s strategy in ICT infrastructure renewal is to further develop and improve on systems architecture in each replacement cycle. A part of this tender incorporates the replacement of existing infrastructure, however key additional factors are reduce the overall complexity and ongoing overhead of managing these systems. With this in mind, Unley City Council seeks responses from each Contractor / Supplier to respond either or all options for the provision of; Option 1 – A Hyper Converged infrastructure (HIC) platform Option 2 – A traditional server SAN architecture; utilising small form factor high density servers, coupled with high density, small footprint storage. Option 3 – Data Recovery Backup System via one to one site recovery, which is low resourcing intensive.

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