Preferred Supplier Panel for Spatial Imagery Services 2017 – 2022

This preferred supplier panel for spatial imagery services will commence in October 2017 and run to the end of September 2020, with the option of a one-year extension to the end of September 2021 and the further option of an additional one-year extension to end of September 2022. The Invitation to Supply is to create a panel of pre-qualified service providers to enable a portfolio of spatial imagery options for programs and projects, and to reduce contract management overheads. DEWNR is requesting applications by organisations to join a panel of suppliers to provide spatial imagery services to specific needs. This can include: • Aerial imagery; • High resolution satellite imagery; • Other aerial and satellite imagery (e.g. LiDAR, Hyperspectral, RADAR); • Large format precision film scanning; • Aerotriangulation; • Creation of orthophotography; • Creation of digital elevation models (precision and non-precision); and • Value added services (including image analysis, product delivery, emergency response). Suppliers can nominate to supply one or more services. Total solutions are recommended, from design, capture, processing and delivery, however partial solutions may be considered based on individual project scope and requirements.

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