Practice Management Enterprise Solution

The Queensland Government is seeking Proposals for one (1) preferred Offeror to supply a Practice Management Enterprise Solution (PMES), supporting Hospital and Health Services (HHS) private practice commitments through a Standing Offer Arrangement (SOA). It includes the supply, implementation, piloting and ongoing maintenance and support of the PMES across participating HHSs for the expected contract period. Across Queensland HHSs, the use of the current private practice management software, practix, is widespread – across 15 HHSs with 24 standalone instances covering rural, regional and metropolitan areas. The software is utilised to conduct private practice billing, receipting, distribution and reporting of private practice revenue on behalf of medical officers participating in Granted Private Practice Arrangements (GPPA). A number of the HHSs also access to practiX’s clinical health record and appointment scheduling functionalities. From 25th September 2018, support of all practiX instances will cease inclusive of all versions of practiX. The PMES, once implemented, will replace practiX and will allow participating HHSs to conduct their work that is compliant to the Private Practice Health Service Directive and private practice framework. PMES will be required to provide billing functionality for all medical disciplines listed in the Medical Benefits Schedule (MBS) excluding pathology which is managed by the QH Pathology solution. Depending on requirements, these goods and services specifically include: • Supporting HHSs’ private practice commitments under a “Standing Offer Agreement” (SOA) model • Configuration of the PMES to QH’s specification to form the base solution, conduct tests required, pilot in one (1) HHS and update the base solution based on pilot results (referred to as “base solution implementation”) • Lead and rollout of the PMES across all participating HHSs using the base solution, and if required, some minimal configuration • Lead the migration of existing data into the PMES for required HHSs • Supply application and technical support and maintenance services of the PMES after go-live directly to HHSs • Ensure the PMES is compliant with all relevant Medicare requirements.

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