People Capability Assessment Solution

Inland Revenue (IR) is in the midst of a multi-year, multi-stage transformation programme which will soon see our business operating in a much more agile, customer focused and intelligence led way. To achieve this, we need our people to work in new and different ways, and for our focus to shift more broadly onto people’s capabilities, rather than the specific tasks that they do. In response, 12 people capabilities have been created to enable IR to reach its future vision. Each capability is defined as a mix of a person’s skills, knowledge, experience and attitudes. These people capabilities are relevant for all roles and everyone in IR, and will need to be embedded into all our workplace and people practices over time. This RFP is seeking a provider of an online self-service assessment tool/service, which will assess people capabilities, and assess their potential – using the Leadership Character elements of the State Service Commission’s (SSC) Leadership Success Profile (LSP). IR requires: * A portal (hosted either internally or externally); * The content (assessment items); and * Assessment result outputs (data and reports) for the business, managers, and individuals. It is not intended that the solution will integrate with IR systems. IR is seeking responses from both bespoke and Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) providers.

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