Business Intelligence Analytical Services – Standing Offer Panel

The University is seeking to establish a Standing Offer Panel of IBM business intelligence professional service providers. Tenderers may offer one or more of the following professional services: a) project management; b) business requirements analysis; c) data warehouse architecture; d) data warehouse design; e) data warehouse development and build; f) data governance design; g) data […]

Human Resources Information System

Tenders are invited to provide a Human Resources Information System people solution for council. The solution will deliver improved capability by delivering the following core functions or modules: Stage 1: A. Central repository or People Core; B. Payroll; and C. Rostering, time and attendance (optional). Stage 2: D. Performance planning and review; and E. Learning […]

Resources Regulator Business System

This Request for Tender (RFT) seeks tenders from suppliers to supply to the principal with an integrated, business unit wide compliance and enforcement software solution, being the Services described in more detail in the Statement of Requirements. The software solution must be capable of supporting compliance and enforcement functions carried out by the NSW Resources […]

Student Records Management System

School Curriculum and Standards Authority are seeking to procure a new student records management system to track individual student and education provider information in relation to registrations, enrolments and achievements throughout the duration of student enrolment.

Business Process Management Tools

ACC is seeking to identify technology solutions that could support the management of its business processes that support consistent customer experiences. ACC is interested in a solution that provides the following capabilities. 1. Centralised business process repository; 2. Presentation of business processes for the use of front line staff; 3. Business process modelling and validation; […]