Support Specialists and Consultants

Australia’s Commonwealth Government aims to build stronger, more resilient farming businesses. To create a fairer go for primary producers, the Commonwealth has funded a two-year Farm Co-operatives and Collaboration Pilot Program. This Program aims to: increase awareness and understanding of collaborative and innovative business approaches (such as co-operatives and collective bargaining); increase supply chain understanding […]

Provision of an Event Collaboration Solution

There are numerous organisations, including Council, that carry out planned works within Brisbane, e.g. energy providers, telecommunication providers and utility providers. Each of these organisations may own/lease and/or operate assets that are located within areas of Brisbane such as the road corridor and park areas. Not only do these organisations carry out asset maintenance activities, […]

ABC Audio Distribution

The ABC is seeking Responses from Respondents for the provision of the manufacture, warehouse, distribution and marketing of ABC Audio Books physically and digitally, in the General Trade and Library markets within Australia and New Zealand and digitally around the World. The current exclusive distribution agreement to manufacture, warehouse, distribute and market ABC Audio products […]

Facilities Management and Asset Management Services

The New Zealand Department of Corrections and the New Zealand Ministry of Justice manage approximately 300 facilities across New Zealand, with a combined asset value of approximately NZ$4 billion. Our two organisations have outsourced the provision of Facilities Management and Asset Management (FM/AM) services across our sites for a number of years, and are now […]