Establishment of a Therapeutic Goods Evaluation Panel

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), a division of the Department of Health, is planning to publish a Request for Tender in October 2017 for the establishment of a new Therapeutic Goods Evaluation Panel to provide medical and scientific evaluation services. The Panel will operate from July 2018, and will replace the current Therapeutic Goods Assessment […]

Advertising Internally and Externally on City Network Rollingstock

Queensland Rail is seeking proposals from leading advertising organisations to develop and manage advertising on the inside and outside of rollingstock to generate revenue. Queensland Rail is seeking optimum value by leveraging the rollingstock for optimum financial return whilst maintaining approved safe working practices. The revenue will be created by: 1. Placing advertising media on […]

Clinical Epidemiology Services (CES) to Assist THHS Staff

The Provider must deliver Services which include Clinical Epidemiology Services (CES) to assist THHS staff to progress their research ideas into research projects through advice on research design, data collection, appropriate sample size, data entry and data manipulation/coding. In addition, CES will also conduct/facilitate analysis and provide input into interpretation of findings of the project […]

Entrepreneur’s Programme Learning Event Series on Automated Warehousing

The successful Supplier will be required to develop, deliver and gather feedback for up to 15 half-day group learning workshops on engaging with automated warehousing in the Australian Food and Agribusiness industry. The successful Supplier will be required to deliver the workshop content, broken down into three live, one-hour webinars. The workshops should deliver a […]

Call Center Solution

As part of its advanced digital services strategy, UNSW is seeking to find out information regarding contact centre options available in the marketplace. UNSW currently supports 14 call centres built on the Genesys Express platform interacting with the University’s NEC PABX systems. The call centres are based on business and operational groupings within the university’s […]