Corporate Communications Design Services

The Corporate Communications team is establishing a design services panel to streamline the process to secure design services, ensure fit for purpose design services and develop consistent briefing processes. Corporate Communications seeks to establish a panel of preferred suppliers to provide the following services on an ‘as and when required’ non-exclusive basis: • Graphic design: […]

Embedded Generation Management System

The services include design and related services in respect of the following works: •prepare a masterplan for the entire GMS system; •provide detailed design documents outlining all hardware, software and communications connections requirements for: ◦ the Intake Switching Station (ISS) stage of work, ◦ the PV solar roof mount systems connected at LV ◦ paralleling […]

Integrated Talent Management Solution

This RFT seeks responses from suitably qualified and experienced service provider for the supply / provision of a talent management solution to cover the following modules: o Recruiting; o On-boarding and off-boarding; o Performance management; o Career development and succession planning; and o Learning management.

Professional Services for Software Development and Related Services

System solutions requires the ongoing provision of software development and related professional services. The provision of these services will extend the core SS team and will increase business flexibility, particularly in high demand times. These services can be broken down into two requirements: 1. the ongoing maintenance and development of software as currently managed by […]

Trends NSW Data Visualisation

Trends NSW will consist of 3 key product elements: 1. Single Common Data Visualisation Product / Service * Ability for NSW government agencies to securely create charts, graphs, diagrams, and dashboards using the datasets accessible via API, database and Flat files. Agencies can save, share or publish content with authorised users, including across agencies. * […]