Oracle Database as a Service (DBaaS)

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) is a significant user of technology for its business systems (e.g. Companies Office, Licensed Building Practitioners, GETS, IPONZ and Resolve). Its customer channels have been steadily migrating from paper-based, to web, and now to system-to-system integration. This has improved the effectiveness and efficiency of our services and made it simpler, more accurate, and convenient for New Zealanders to engage. Oracle is an integral part of some these applications; however the delivery of Oracle databases, infrastructure, and database administration services is resulting in service complexity, suboptimal performance and costs. The evolution of “as a Service” is driven by a need for speed, agility, and cost savings. MBIE will be looking for suppliers that can provide an Oracle database platform that includes infrastructure, software and services, combined, to form an Oracle DBaaS. We know that some vendors have created these types of services so they can be delivered on premise, within an organisation’s existing networked environment. This is perceived to provide the advantages of the cloud’s speed, flexibility, and ease of use, right into MBIE’s data centres. This Registration of Interest (ROI) is for individual suppliers to advise MBIE of its capability to meet our needs in for an Oracle DBaaS solution.

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