Online Booking System

The City is requesting quotations in order to purchase an on-line booking system that will enable customers to: · book a wide range of venues · book equipment · enrol in courses · view and interact with stand-alone web page for Tresillian Arts Centre · register for City-provided events (internal event). This new booking system will automate all processes associated with these bookings, enrolments, registrations, applications, payments and recording of all financial transactions in the City’s finance system including: · the capacity to book, enrol, register or apply on-line through the City’s website · the capacity to book, enrol and access information on stand-alone web page (Tresillian Arts Centre), without going through link via City’s website · the capacity to search on-line for all relevant information about the booking, enrolment, event or application · automated invoicing · capacity for customers to make secure, on-line payments through the City’s website · automated receipting of payment · Back-end point-of-sale (till) used at Tresillian Arts Centre to be fully integrated with receipting, EFTPOS machine and membership car printer. Background: The City currently uses several systems for bookings and enrolments, being: · MRM (Gladstone) · Access Database (Microsoft) · Signup (Envisionware) · Microsoft 365 and on premises Outlook calendar. These systems are not automated and require significant manual input. Additionally, they are not integrated into SharePoint or Office 365. There is also a security risk in the manual handling of customers’ personal and credit card information in a paper-based system. Finance process handling currently City’s MRM booking system export invoice extraction information to a .CSV file. That .CSV file gets imported to Authority system to populate finance system. City Services Requiring New Booking System The new booking system will be used by a range of business units at the City including: Customer Service (front counter reception) for hall bookings and key register Libraries for room bookings, equipment bookings and event registrations Community Development for booking reserves; taking enrolments in events. Tresillian Arts Centre for room bookings, exhibition bookings, course enrolments, key register, course re-enrolment reminders, membership expiry reminders, tutor register. Key feature: needs to integrate all Tresillian’s systems and databases so that information stored at back-end can go live when required. Positive Aging for enrolling in events and activities. Finance Department automated fee calculation, invoicing, receipting in relation to bookings, enrolments, event registrations and event approvals. Automated and integrated payment of approved grant applications.

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