OmniBus Development

Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) requests proposals from suitably qualified providers who want to influence the improvement of systems that support the delivery of public transport in the Wellington region. The desired solution consists of two main components: a Workflow component to manage timetable consistency, accuracy and distribution, and a Business Intelligence (BI) component to provide business intelligence and calculation of Key Performance Indicators. Workflow component will be based on MS Dynamics CRM with a small separate reusable enterprise services layer deployed onto IIS, SQL Server and Logic Apps hosted in Azure. BI component will be based on MS Power BI and MS SQL Server 2016, including SSIS and SSAS hosted on premises. These new components are tightly integrated with a number of existing systems that make up the OmniBus solution. Each of the new components need to exchange complex sets of information with multiple existing systems, as either a provider or consumer, at appropriate times with suitable security and performance in support of the overall business process and aims.

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