Next Generation Technologies Fund

Quantum Technologies is a Priority Theme of the Next Generation Technologies Fund, aimed at realising the potential game changing-capabilities afforded by developments in quantum science. It recognises the need for Defence to respond to this technology opportunity, and that technological advances in the quantum domain are likely to lead to the introduction of new capabilities in our region. Quantum Technologies seek to leverage the vibrant quantum science, technology and innovation capability across Australia to develop technology solutions of relevance to Defence through a Quantum Technologies Research Network. The goal of the Quantum Technologies Research Network is to inform Defence of the potential benefits and practical limitations of quantum technologies through studies and demonstrator systems over three years. We are seeking proposals from industry, academia and government research agencies to contribute to the potential development of Defence relevant quantum technologies. Two categories of proposal will be considered: I. Smaller proposals which deliver studies to inform Defence on the applications, feasibility, and practical limitations of quantum technologies; and II. Larger proposals which address the development of concepts, algorithms, and/or technology demonstrators and which contribute to the development of Defence relevant capabilities. Proposals should address one or more of the following priority areas: 1. Quantum Sensing, Navigation and Timing; 2. Quantum Communications; and 3. Quantum Computing and Information.

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