NCC Online Redevelopment

The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB)’s primary function is the development of the National Construction Code (NCC) which historically has been provided for purchase in various mediums including hard copy, downloadable PDFs and online. In 2015 the NCC became freely available and was limited to PDF and online (hard copy production ceased). As a result the stakeholder base expanded exponentially and the NCC is now being accessed by a larger variety of users across a larger range of platforms including mobile technologies. This request for tender is for the re-development of the NCC Online site to address issues with redundant technologies, mobile access, and accessibility as well as to align it with other ABCB ICT systems. The work will also provide a foundation on which to build additional functionality in the future. Accordingly, the Department invites suitably qualified consultants/contractors to submit a tender for the redevelopment of the NCC online. The NCC Online redevelopment must provide a new NCC online site that: (i) is aligned with ABCB’s current ICT set through being incorporated into the current website Content Management System (CMS) (Sitecore 8.1) and take into account a potential upgrade to Sitecore 8.2; (ii) will utilise the HTML 5 output as provided from the ABCB’s Quark Publishing Platform; (iii) will implement and utilise modern web technologies including CSS and any relevant frameworks or libraries; (iv) is responsive, and works on all mobile devices; (v) provides increased functionality and usability including filtering and better searching; and (vi) allows for future enhancements of functionality.

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