National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) Public Website

The Agency is seeking Quotations for the delivery of an engaging, accessible website for the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) that provides dynamic content for improved marketing activity and increased referral traffic, and which is built on Drupal through govCMS (SaaS). We are also seeking support services following the website build and user training for website administrators. NABERS provides sustainability ratings for commercial buildings across Australia. We rate buildings using their operational data (such as utility bills) on a six-star scale, where one is poor and six is market leading. Providing such ratings stimulates competition among building owners to reduce their assets’ impact on the natural environment. Policy makers, legislators and incentive schemes use the ratings in their efforts to improve the resource efficiency of the built environment. The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage administers the program nationally on behalf of the Commonwealth, States and Territories. As the National Administrator of NABERS, we train and accredit third party ‘Accredited Assessors’ to collect data for the ratings. We also audit ratings as quality assurance before certifying them, develop new tools, and market the program.

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