Media Monitoring Services

The NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) through this multi- stage procurement is seeking to appoint a prime supplier to provide media monitoring services to NSW Government agencies in order to create greater efficiencies; gain greater understanding of community concerns and feedback; and ensure that these services effectively capture all traditional, online and social media via a web-based portal. Media Monitoring Services (MMS) include, but not limited to: Monitoring across all the media types – press, print, broadcast, online, social media and other data sources such as correspondences; Automated and human-driven evaluation and analysis of media content across all media types; Reporting and distribution of media content and analysis to relevant internal and external stakeholders; Engagement with stakeholders, newsrooms, journalists, influencers, whilst creating their contact databases and media forward planning tools. DPC also requires the development of a new correspondence management system, an end to end solution for processing (monitoring, tracking, reporting, and analysing) incoming and outgoing correspondences in all forms such as email, web form, postal and fax. The data from the correspondence management system needs to be integrated into media monitoring analytical tools. All NSW Government agencies will be required to purchase media monitoring services under this proposed Whole-of-Government agreement.

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