Management of Production Data

The Department encourages tenderers to submit and/or develop open source software for this tender. In responding, tenderers must demonstrate a willingness to actively consider open source software throughout all stages of the procurement, solution design and implementation in order to produce a product that demonstrates value for money and is fit for purpose. This may include incorporating open source software components together with proprietary software components. In evaluating the tender, the Department will consider open source software equally alongside proprietary software. It is recognised there may be areas where open source software is not yet available for consideration NOPTA is seeking to procure an Off-the-Shelf (OTS) solution that can be configured to allow NOPTA to manage, collate and analyse production data that is reported by license holders on a monthly basis. The system requirements include the provision of a relational database (SQL or equivalent) for storing the daily and monthly production data reported monthly and historic data. It is envisaged that NOPTA may need up to 15 user accounts, with the ability for separation of administration, analyst and viewer roles.

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