Lean Consultancy Services

Better by Lean, also referred to as Lean, is a programme aimed at assisting New Zealand companies to succeed in growing their businesses by:  focusing on creating customer value;  eliminating waste; and  achieving continuous improvement. This procurement relates to the delivery of Better by Lean consultancy services. This Request for Proposal (RFP) is the second of three related RFP’s that we have released on GETS for the Better by Lean Programme. The first RFP is for the provision of Better by Lean Workshops. The third RFP relates to piloting of new Lean Initiatives. Better by Lean consultants work with the business to map a Lean Implementation Plan, so that it is clear to the business and supplier where the business is at in terms of Lean and enables the business to understand what they will be doing. Consultants are expected to introduce the right principals, tools or “Lean frameworks” to the business, as the business implements their Lean Implementation Plan, and guide the business to disseminate and embed learnings over the 12-month period of engagement. Consultants develop an exit plan so that the business knows how they have progressed along the agreed Lean Implementation Plan and can see what is next with the momentum and learnings past the 12-month engagement. They are also expected to have means to measure the outputs of a Lean initiative.

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