Land Development Project Coordination Services

Council may receive or be involved with large and complex land development or redevelopment projects which require coordination and championing of various interests. Such projects may require experienced and specialised consultants to provide services including the facilitation of smooth interactions between customer commercial interests, elected members of Council, senior Council Officers, and the engineering, consenting and other regulatory functions of Council; the facilitation of close working relationships between the Mayor and elected members, prospective investors, landowners, and customer commercial interests; and the development and execution of partnering arrangements between Council, prospective investors, and commercial land users appropriate to each engagement. The purpose of the RFP is to enter negotiations with consultant/s to join a panel of suppliers, from which a suitable consultant will be engaged for such services as required in each case. Council’s objectives for the panel of suppliers to be appointment are to select supplier/s from the panel when a contract opportunity arises, either: – On a preferred supplier basis (best match against requirements overall), and/or – On best fit for purpose (best match against requirements for an individual contract).

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