IT Website Redevelopment and Development of Document Management System

The objectives of this project are to: 1. Improve the users’ experience Customer expectations have outgrown the current solution for delivering publication content resulting in sub-optimal experiences in search, speed, and usability. The redevelopment will provide easy access to Austroads information, services and publications. This should be through reliable and flexible solutions that meet user needs now and that can be adapted as customer needs change over time. Share knowledge and outcomes The primary aim of the website is to provide access to Austroads guides, research and technical reports, technical tools/calculators and other publications. This helps contribute to positive outcomes such as: improved road safety cost savings for the community and industry, and consistency for road users through the national harmonisation of standard practices amongst practitioners strengthening the skills of road and traffic professionals increased productivity. 3. Communicate benefits effectively Currently Austroads does not publicise the full potential or benefits of the work we’re currently undertaking. Austroads’ work to make roads safer and increase industry productivity is in the public interest. We would like to better communicate what we do and, ideally, tailor information to meet the unique needs of our different audiences. The new website should demonstrate Austroads’ relevance, promote local and global awareness of industry best practices, and strongly communicate the benefits from the use of our Guides and the output of our work programs and research. 4. Better use of digital technology Currently research outputs are delivered as documents, spreadsheets, and discreet online products. Where possible we are looking to standardise our approach to online tools. Through this redevelopment there is an opportunity to identify reusable technical solutions to common challenges in how research outputs are delivered. For example, we would like to deliver the Prequalified contractors list as a searchable database in the new website. 5. Administration efficiencies The new content management system should make it easy for administrators to maintain the website and for new authors potentially assisting with content management in future.

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