Integrated Operational Policing Information System

Tenders are invited for the purchase of a Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) solution to provide Tasmania Police with a secure, reliable, contemporary and integrated operational policing information system. The COTS product will replace critical ageing and bespoke policing information systems. Core functionality required will include, but is not limited to: core identity data for people, places and other entities, the management of intelligence, crime, investigations, offenders (including custody and charging), drug offences, traffic crash reporting, property management, as well as evidence tracking, court file preparation and prosecution. The product being sought will need to meet the requirements and specifications of Tasmania Police and external agencies who are reliant upon DPFEM to continue to capture, provision and manage information. The successful vendor will be required to install the product and implement a successful transition by coordinating data migration in a safe, staged approach. The product vendor must be able to prove they have experience and success in the implementation of integrated operational systems within a policing, law enforcement or justice environment.

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