Information and Communications Technology Provider Arrangement (ICTPA)

The Department of Defence is releasing a Request for Tender to establish an Information Communication and Technology Provider Arrangement (ICTPA). The ICTPA is a panel arrangement and covers the following ICT services: a. Systems Integration: the development and deployment of systems, including services relating to the connection and aggregation of disparate subsystems, functionalities or software applications to form one coordinated and functional system used to facilitate the execution of information processing required during the execution of one or more of Defence’s business processes. Systems integration primarily varies from applications development in terms of scale, end-to-end scope and complexity; b. Application Services: includes the development, maintenance, support and service management of applications; and c. ICT Services: includes the provision of services for all the SFIA Categories. These services involve the engagement of specialist and niche providers as well as contractors or a group of contractors in a non-permanent position to deliver discrete ICT services to satisfy specific business or technical needs.

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