Immigration SA – Apply Website Support and Maintenance Services

Immigration SA is responsible for skilled and business migration to South Australia working with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) to attract eligible skilled and business migrants through state-nominated programs as a pathway to permanent residency in South Australia. The Immigration SA Application Processing system is accessed by external individuals and businesses, through the Immigration SA website, to register, apply and manage applications. This system was developed five years ago, and has been developed, hosted and supported well during that time. The current support contract expires in late October and we are seeking an open market review of organisations that may be able provide an innovative approach to the service requirement and to meet or exceed high levels of customer service and responsiveness currently delivered under the contract. The application processing system uses: PHP Smarty templates Microsoft SQL Azure – State Government Drupal Apache The website integrates with Dynamics CRM 2011 application hosted and supported by DSD. This platform is currently being upgraded to Dynamics CRM Online.

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