ICT Metasystem

It is proposed that an ICT meta-system is installed and customised for the melton health and community services (MH and CS) to allow for the automated exchange of information between agencies in relation to a minimum set of client’s information, initial needs assessment, service coordination and service provision. All MH and CS Service Providers already have their own corporate client management systems associated with their Organisation that extends beyond the catchment of the facility. It is important that the proposed meta-system supplements the Service Providers existing systems, rather than replaces it. It is envisaged that the meta-system will not act as an information database, but will exchange information between the databases contained with the Service Providers client management systems. It is proposed that the information of the initial contact will be “owned” and processed by the Service Provider that the client has initial contact with to obtain a service. The Service Provider of first contact would store client information, results of the initial needs identification and consent to share information. If, and when, referrals are made to other MH and CS Service Providers the information provided becomes the property of the receiving Service Provider. This process mimics the existing paper based processes currently used by most agencies.

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